CARTHAGE PREVIEW: Liberty-Eylau looks for an upset

In his first year at Liberty-Eylau Coach Klint King is looking for a big win. 

He knows success breeds success, and he is searching for positive momentum.

On Friday, the Liberty-Eylau team will be on a foreign field. So Coach King will be trying to marshal his forces to a take on the beast that is Carthage.

Make no mistake. Carthage has a great team this year and ranks #17 in the state — beating even Pleasant Grove which is #25.

For the last two years, Carthage has won the matchup with LE. In 2018, the score was 42-28, and it was a 48-38 game in 2017.

Last week, Carthage slaughtered Jacksonville with a soul-crushing 48-0 game.

Pundits are picking Carthage to win. But most expect the Leopards to be stronger than Jacksonville.

Still, Coach King and his starters need a little luck to have a chance to beat Carthage.

The mindset of the LE squad is essential.

The talented coaching staff has already shown great skill in leading a young team after losing 17 lettermen.

The Leopards will need to keep its players from taking unnecessary hits to have a reasonable shot of winning. They also need a little bit of luck, as well.

Bulldog Stadium can be a rough venue for some teams.

So the LE players need to put aside the crowd noise and remember everything they've learned from the coaching staff.

Liberty-Eylau has worked hard this week to put themselves in the best possible position for success.

The team also knows the statistics are against them.

But LE has faced long odds before... and won.